Beginner sewing course

The course is for anybody who wants to begin the journey into sewing. You will have 10 sessions to learn how to use the sewing machine and accessories, understand patterns and sew your first garments jointly with us.

This basic course covers 30 hours and is dedicated to beginners in sewing. The initial hours are devoted to theory, including the fundamental names and definitions in sewing and fabrics, proper measurement techniques, fabric quantity and pattern understanding.
However, this course is all about practice.
First you will learn how to operate a sewing machine: backstitching, overlock and basic sewing accessories.

Your very first task will be to sew a simple shopping bag made of cotton. Next, you will do a blouse which will require proper handling of the fabric and interlining. You will also find out how to do sleeves and finish the neckline. Then you will follow on with a skirt: you will need to do the zipper, the belt and finish the bottom edge. Your final assignment will be a dress. You will have an opportunity to put your new knowledge into practice and again do the zipper, sleeves and the neckline. You will also learn how to properly sew and iron tucks. We will show you how to adjust patterns depending on the body type.

And this will be only the beginning…

We provide all materials and equipment you will need. Our sewing machines are Husqvarna E20 and Janome 744D.


Fridays, 6-9 pm.


Akademia Dobrego Szycia
2 Sucharskiego Str.,
01-390 Warsaw


1000 PLN


transfer into a bank account
63 2490 0005 0000 4600 6663 7710
Detailed data to complete the transfer you can find in Kontakt section.

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Agata Kaliska,
associated with sewing since childhood, although only a few years ago decided to turn her hobby into a way of life. The most important lessons of tailoring she received at the Beata Andres Sewing Workshop. She runs the blog Sewing and all the rest.

Akademia Dobrego Szycia, 2 Sucharskiego Str., 01-390 Warsaw

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